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Aanoor Legal is a full-service law firm with a team of professional lawyers who are dedicated to providing the best quality service. Our firm offers all types of legal registration services to our clients at an affordable price and believes in a long-term professional relationship with them. Aanoor Legal consists of best lawyers, advisors, advocates and intellectual property experts who focus on customer satisfaction and timely service. We provide experts advice and assistance every individual, companies, organization and even government bodies in the field of intellectual property like trademark, patent, copyright, design, geographical indications and plant varieties. With the help of highly experienced lawyers we also proffer end to end support on technology transfer, IP Audit, and IP due diligence.

In addition to the registration services, we provide complete support to file a case, defend a case and send or respond legal notice depending upon the situation. We have all types of conveyancing and documentation at our firm which clusters our legal services and provides safety. Our team of experienced lawyers have handled many cases and have resolved all the facts even in the midst of the complicated situation. We help you to be connected with the best possible lawyers/advocates for all your legal requirements.