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Copyright Registration

Aanoor Legal services help you to protect the author's creation like literature, musical, dramatic or any other aesthetic creation. Copyrights in India are governed by The Copyright Act 1957 as amended by the Copyright Amendment Act 2012 which introduced protection of technological measure, (section 65 A) and protection of rights management information (section 65 B) which entitles digital rights management measures for preventing privacy in cinematograph films.

Our experts are skilled in techno-legal writing and will provide end-to-end support for copyrights registration. The general rule is that copyright lasts for 60 years. In the case of original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works the 60 years is counted from the year following the death of the author. In the case of cinematograph films, sound recordings, photographs, posthumous publications, anonymous and pseudonymous publications, works of government and actions of international organizations, the 60 years is counted from the date of publication

Aanoor Legal will help you out with following copyright registration process:

We at Aanoor Legal will help you through the complete registration process which is required for the copyright registration process:

  • 1.Filling of Application: Our team of experts will help you in filling the application form diligently. A dairy number will be issued after copyright application is filed with the copyright office.
  • 2. Examination: Legally the registrar checks if the application complies with the law and does not conflict with other existing or pending creatives. If there is discrepancy found, there will be a letter which will be sent. We will help you with the complete process and give you confidence for the copy registration.
  • 3. Registration: Once the registrar accepts the application and when it compiles the law, certification of registration under the seal of the registry is issued. Now you can legally exercise all rights that come with the owner of that copyright. The validity of the registration is for 60year and depends upon the artistic work.

Importance of copyrights:

Copyright is an important asset for every author, and the registration of copyright can reduce the possibilities of infraction which indirectly cause financial disadvantages. Following are the importance of copyright registration for the author’s creation:

Proprietorship: The copyright registration helps to know that you are the sole proprietor and your work will be protected against any innocent infringement. The author’s creative work will be published in the copyrights office catalog, and it will be available for the public

Legal evidence: The copyright registration is the legal evidence of the author, it will avoid the costly dispute over the actual ownership and relieves you from the legal burden.

Empower moral rights: The author will have control over utilization of the creative material and protest against distort and desecration of the rights.

Earn income: Copyright law ensures that the author can earn income for artistic works or give permission to others use them and collect royalties.

Copyright validity: The author can enjoy the longer period of validity for 60 years with some conditions.