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Design Registration

Aanoor Legal provides you end to end support for registering your unique aesthetic design. A design which is 2D like patterns, lines, composition color or any 3D like shape or combination of 3D and 2D can be registered as per the law. The protection and registration of industrial designs in India abide by the Designs Act, 2000 and similar designs rules, 2001 which came into force on 11th May 2001, wherein the design of ‘set is registrable.’ On 30th Dec 2014, the latest amendment in design rules came into force which incorporates a new category of the applicant as a small entity in addition to natural person and other than a small entity.

There are few criteria for registering the design. The design should be original or new and should not be published in many countries. The shape and configuration of the product signify something unique where an idea is implemented. The design should not contradict with the morality of the public and should abide by the Design Act, 2000. The registration is valid for ten years from the date of registration, which is extended for another five years on renewal. The law also allows for restoration of registration on a lapsed design, if the restoration application is filed within a year from the date of cessation.

Importance of Design Registration:

Provides exclusive rights to your product: The appearance or the design of a product may result in significant return on the investment which prevents from infringement.

Rights to the commercial production of your product: Gives rights to the production of the product until the validity of 10 years which can be renewed. Prevents competitors from importing a product and very closely resembles the product.

The product can be sold or licensed: If there is no requirement of the product design or there is no capability to produce more similar design, the product design can be sold or licensed. This will earn royalty and a good lump sum of money.

Earns Goodwill: Design registration helps to establish goodwill in particular shape, the appearance of a product, which excludes others from copying the design.

Procedure for Design Registration:

Our expertise in design registration will provide you end-to-end support for your design registration:

Design Application: We help you to fill all the four copies of the representation of the design with the prescribed fees. A number will be allocated with the filling receipt as and when the application is submitted to office or online.

Examination of the Design Application: The examiner scrutinizes the application and either accepts or rejects. The defects should be corrected and resubmitted to the office for the acceptance. Our professionals will guide you to overcome any.

Publication of the Design: Once the design application is accepted, it would be published in the official journal.

Certification of the Design: The design is registered upon the acceptance of the application as per the law. The registration certificate is issued to the owner, and it is valid for 15 years.