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Geographical Indication Registration

We at Aanoor Legal help you to register for the protection of geographical indication of the goods. Geographical indication refers to natural products like agriculture, handicrafts which originates from a certain geographic territory. Once the product is GI registered any other company or a person cannot use the same product name. It is governed by The Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. The GI tag ensures that it is used by the authorised user which is used on geographically identified product. Few of the popularly registered geographical indications registered in India are Mysore Silk, Kancheepuram silk, Mysore sandal soap, channapatna toys, coorg orange, Thanjavur paintings, Darjeeling tea and more.

Registration Process:

As per the GI Act, Aanoor Legal provides you complete guidance and help to register. Below are the steps that needs to be followed for the geographical indication registration:

Application filing: Application must be filled in an appropriate form containing the quality, nature and any other characteristics like texture which are appropriate to the geographical environment along with the prescribed fees.

Examination: The examiner scrutinises the application and checks if content abides by the law. If there are discrepancy, the correction needs to be done within one month from the date of communication.

Acceptance of the GI application: Once the registrar accepts the application, you can be able to protect your product from any infringement.

Publication: Upon the acceptance of the geographical indication application, registrar will send the file publication in the GI Journal.

Certificate of Registration: A certificate of geographical indications of goods will be issued to the applicant and authorised user.

Importance Of GI registration:

Exclusive right: Provides exclusive right to use the indications on the good in which it is registered. Provides right to sue against any infringement.

Avoids unfair competition: The institution can sue when there is usage of the GI on the goods which is not originated from the native place.

Acts as evidence: GI registration act as Prima Facie of evidence and gives assurance to the owner and provides validity of indication.

Licensed or sold: The registration can be transferred, mortgaged, licensed or sold in case of inheritance of the original owner upon sad dismissal.