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Patent Registration

Aanoor Legal helps you to protect your innovation from third parties questionable activities. You can control the making, selling, using or importing of your patented innovation from others without their consent. To patent your invention, it must be a new product or process which explains the inventive steps. From the date filing, patent registration has validity for up to 20 years. We help you file the patent application electronically with provisional or complete satisfaction at the patent office. The patent act, 1970 was again amended by the patents(amendment) act 2005, wherein the product patent was extended to all the fields of technology which includes drugs, microorganisms, and food.

Why should you patent your innovation?

Recognition and rewards inventors: Patent helps you to get the return on investment wherein you had put the effort, money and time. You can also earn from the innovation that has been patented without any hindrance.

Societal benefits: With the new technology introduced in the market, it raises the economic opportunities and makes the consumers use it effectively. It attracts more investors who play a significant role in improving their technology.

Commercially tradable asset: Patent protected innovation makes it possible to finance further technological growth and opportunity which created opportunities to improve further in the future.

Stops unscrupulous: Patent helps you to prevent the misuse of your invention by the third parties and enables you to protect your innovation.

Long-term validity: : The one-time investment you have put of patent registration is valid for Years in India. You can relax from the unscrupulous activities for an extended period of 20 years.

We have expertise in techno-legal writing with ample experience who will help you out with the various stages of the patent registration. Following are the different stages of patent filing:

Stage 1: Invention disclosure

In this stage, you have disclosed your invention to our patent professional by signing a non-disclosure form. The full known fact of your business along description diagram and experimental results have to be submitted.

Stage 2: Patentability search

Our patent professionals perform an extensive search in all possible databases prior the art is submitted. Based on the hunt we build a patentability search report which validates the uniqueness of your art.

Stage 3: Patent application filing

After reviewing and discovering the closest prior arts, you can decide to go ahead with a patent application filing. Our experts will closely work with you and ensure that your invention steps are technically advanced or have an economic significance.

Stage 4: Patent writing

Drafting a patent application requires lots of technical and legal skills. Our team experts will provide you the complete support in patent application outlining with considering all the legal aspects and add value to your patent application.

Stage 5: Filing patent application

Once the patent file is reviewed and meets the scope and the technical details of the patent, we help you to apply in the prescribed manner. There would be nominal charges which need to be paid. It has to be filed for early publication, or else the patent application will be published on expiry of 18 months.

Stage 6: Examination of the Patent application

The patent application will be reviewed by the legal examiner and checks if there are any similarly claimed invention, if there are any similar invention, then the objections will be raised based upon the examination report. This will give you a chance to submit the inventive steps over arts found in the examination report. We will stand by and help you out with these situations and respond to the objections.

Stage 7: Patent Approval

When the application of your invention which is on the process of patenting meets all the requirement, the grant is notified to you in the patent journal which is updated from time to time.

Stage 8: Renewal of Patent

The Patent is valid up to 20 years from the date of filing. We will help you out with the patent renewal process and ensure that your innovation which is patented is further extended.