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Plant Varieties Registration

Aanoor legal provides you the complete plant varieties registration process which helps to protect plant varieties, plant breeder and the rights of farmers and encourages the cultivation of new plant varieties. Plant varieties registration is done as per the protection of plant variety and farmers right act, 2001(PPVFR Act) which is enacted to grant intellectual property rights to researches, farmers and plant breeders who develop new plant varieties.

Benefits of Plant varieties registration

The registration of plant varieties helps to protect the new breed and new plant varieties invented by the farmers or the researchers:

Encourages sustainable breeding plans

The plant varieties registration helps in breeding programs and helps to produce sustainable plant varieties or breeding which gives great investments.

Various plant genera and species: The PPVFR act protects all the plant species and increased contribution of plant breeding to biodiversity, which increases the value of farmers.

The huge benefit to the farmers: Innovation of plant varieties or breeding provides higher yielding varieties with the best trait, which are disease tolerance and stress tolerance.

Plant variety protection registration process:

We help with the complete plant varieties registration process.

Application filling and acknowledgment:

The form has to be filled with all the enclosures, required quantity of seeds in officially sealed packing and need to pay registration fees. Within 10 days of submitting the application, vegetatively cultivated planting material has to be submitted to respective crop specific DUS centre with the exception of perennial crops where testing will be done onsite. Post application submission and issuing of PVP number acknowledgment will be provided to the concerned person.

Examination of application:

The registrar will examine the application and send queries within 7 days, and the applicant has a reply within 15 days. If the all the application details and enclosures abides by the law, the registrar will approve, and you can ask for a refund of DUS testing fee, or the seed will be returned within 15 days of approval.

Plant variety journal:

Once the application is accepted, the register number will be communicated to the applicant, and it will be published in the plant variety journal.

Distinctness, uniformity, and stability (DUS) testing:

Registrar despatches seed to DUS department at least 15 days before the sowing season. As per the DUS guidelines, the DUS centre will test the variety. If it is noted essential trait is expressing significant distinctiveness, then the applicant along with a representative of applicant visits the sites for consensus.

Data analysis:

The DUS testing analysis will be submitted to the registry within four months of harvest. The registrar will take a final decision and approve within the next 15 days.

Registration Certificate:

If there is no opposition received after the publication in Plant Varieties Journal(PVJ) within the stipulated time, the registration of plant varieties certificate will be issued to the applicant.