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Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Registration

We will provide end-to-end support for the registration of semiconductor integrated circuits in order to provide protection of IPR for the products having transistors or any other circuitry elements which are designed to perform an electronic circuitry function. The registration abides by the semiconductor integrated circuits layout design (SICLD) act 2000 and the semiconductor integrated circuits layout design (SICLD) rules 2001, that examines the layout designs of integrated circuits and issues the registration certificate to the original layout designs of semiconductor integrated circuits. The invention of integrated circuits became one of those elements helped the world turn into technological world, wherein the intellectual property arose for the layout design of the semiconductor integrated circuits.

The registration steps of semiconductor integrated circuits layout design:

We at Aanoor Legal will help you through the complete registration process which are required for the semiconductor integrated circuits registration process:

  • 1. Filling of Application:Our team of experts will help you in filling the application form diligently. Application should be filled by the creator of the layout design which would be submitted at the SICLD registry.
  • 2. Examination: The registrar examines the application and checks if it abides by the law. If there are any refusal, it has to be corrected within the stipulated time.
  • 3. Publication in Journal: The accepted application will be published in the Journal within 14 days of acceptance. Any opposition on advertisement should be filed within 3 months from the date of advertisement. The counter statement should be filed to the registrar within 2 months of opposition. And after verifying the registrar will approve the application of semiconductor integrated circuits layout design.
  • 4. Certificate: Once the registration is approved, the certificate will be issued to the original registration of the layout design and all subsequent assignments and transmissions of layout design shall be prima facie evidence of the validity thereof. As per the SICLD Act, 2000 the validity of the layout-design is for 10 years.

Benefits of Semiconductor integrated circuits layout design registration:

Registered Proprietorship: The registered layout design gives the ownership of the layout design. And the proprietor has the right to do anything which concerned with the layout design under the law.

Infringement of layout design: Only the registered owner of the layout design can make use of the layout design. Anyone who infringes the layout design is liable to pay the owner of the registered layout design.

Transfer of registered layout design: The owner of the registered layout design has the power to assign layout design to anyone, it can be transferred with or without goodwill as per the procedure of the SICLD Act.

Compulsory licenses: The appellant board permits the use registered design as per the section 51 of the SICLD Act. The government has to pay the royalty to registered proprietor.