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Trademark Registration

Aanoor legal provides you the complete trademark registration process which includes names of owning the business, invented words, numerals, and any designs like shapes, lines, and patterns. The consumers identify you through the trademark which differentiates from your business from others. The trademark which is often used for services is also called service marks. We provide you the prompt and reliable support for the trademark registration. Once we provide you the acknowledgment, you can start using the ™ or SM symbols and the ® can be used only after the registration certificate is issued.

Trademark is across the globe governed by territorial law of the country and in India, it is governed by trademark (TRIPS) act 1999 and the trademark rules 2002. We do the registration of the trademark which covers the whole of India and it can be assigned, sold or licensed. Once the trademark is registered it is valid for a period of up to 10 years from the date of application. The registration can be renewed every 10 years with the renewal fees. Aanoor legal provides you the end-to-end guidance and support which are required for the trademark registration and renewal.

Aanoor Legal will help you out with following trademark registration process:

We at Aanoor Legal will help you through the complete registration process which is required for the trademark registration:

  • 1. Choosing the brand name or logo: If you come with a unique brand name, we will help you to do a research and find out that no one else is using your particular brand name. The newly invented names with the generic ones will help you to stand out from others.
  • 2. Trademark application form: Once the name is finalized, we help you to fill in the trademark application form (Form - TM 1) which would cost you a one-time fee. Along with form you need to submit the supporting documents which depend upon the trademark registration request. We will inform you what are the documents that have to be submitted.
  • 3. Filling the trademark application: We will help you out with manual filling or e-filing. But we prefer for e-filing system, as the acknowledgment of the application is issued immediately. After the acknowledgment is received you can use the ™ symbol next to the brand name or logo.
  • 4. Trademark application examination: Legally the registrar checks if the application complies with the law and does not conflict with other existing or pending brands. The trademark search is conducted in the official trademark registry database in the website.
  • 5. Trademark advertisements in journals: The logo or brand name is published in the Indian trademark journal if there is no opposition within 90 days to 120 days from the date of publication, the logo or the brand name proceeds for acceptance.
  • 6. Trademark registration certificate: Once the registrar accepts the trademark application and when it compiles the law, a certification of registration under the seal of the trademark registry is issued.

Importance of trademark:

Trademarks have become extremely important as they help in generating company’s goodwill in the competitive market and helps in promoting the business.

Trademarks are an effective marketing tool: With the colour of the logo or brand, the font, and style of the words used, the trademarks convey the emotional and intellectual attributes of your company’s fame, it’s products or services.

Through trademark consumers easily find you: Regardless of the language, symbols or alphabets consumers across the globe can identify your brand. It distinguishes your business from your competitors, makes the consumer’s to choose you.

Trademark allows effective utilization of search engines and social media: Consumers often search you on google, yahoo or bing and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Higher the consumers search you on social media gives you a higher ranking.

Trademark are the assets of your company: As the business expands it adds more value to your brand and your business will grow exponentially. A trademark helps in mergers and acquisition and adds value to the business.